“Free to believe” is for everyone: A conversation with Randel Everett

Summary: Dr. Randel Everett joins Dr. Mark Turman and Dr. Jim Denison to discuss religious freedom, 21 Wilberforce, and why the state shouldn’t be run by religion.

Show notes: After giving his personal story, Dr. Randel Everett discusses the surprising role of a Baptist in religious freedom in the US’s founding (7:22). He then talks about 21Wilberforce, how they got started, and how they defend religious freedom, challenge persecution, and fight oppression (10:39). Dr. Everett relates what this mission currently looks like internationally, such as in Myanmar, Burma, and Bangladesh (20:18). They discuss the unique aspect of the Judeo-Christian ethic that allows for freedom of belief (28:10). Dr. Jim Denison considers the negatives of when the church tries to control the state (32:25). Finally, Dr. Everett ends by encouraging us to strive for virtue to make society a better place from the ground up, and how listeners can get involved in 21 Wilberforce (35:21).