21Wilberforce Joins Coptic Solidarity Take Action campaign for Ramy Kamel, Coptic Christian activist

Ramy Kamel is a prominent Coptic human rights activist who has reported on mistreatment of Copts in Egypt and their displacement from homes by the Egyptian government. He has been the primary source of information for organizations and individuals around the world working tirelessly to improve religious freedom in Egypt.

On November 23rd, Mr. Kamel was arrested under the cover of dark, around 1:30 AM. He was beaten and interrogated without legal representation at the Supreme State Security Prosecution in Cairo’s Fifth Settlement neighborhood. He was released and arrested again one month later. He remains in prison and his health has spiraled downward since the arrest.

Rights groups almost universally agree that Kamel’s arrest is a direct effort by the Egyptian government to punish and silence him for documenting and publicizing human rights abuses against Coptic Christians. In 2011, Kamel founded the Maspero Youth Union after the infamous Maspero Massacre in which 27 Copts were killed by the Egyptian military while peacefully protesting a church closure.

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