Ramy Kamel Released by Egyptian Authorities

Ramy Kamel was released by Egyptian authorities on January 8, 2022 after spending two and one-half years in in prison awaiting trial. Kamel’s arrest and mistreatment was a direct effort by the Egyptian government to punish and silence him for publicizing human rights abuses against Coptic Christians.

Mr. Kamel was invited to participate in a UN forum (November 28th and 29th, 2019), but on November 23rd of 2019, Mr. Kamel was arrested under the cover of darkness and was beaten and interrogated by Egyptian authorities without legal representation.

Kamel had been the primary source of information for NGOs and individuals around the world working to improve religious freedom in Egypt. Kamel had reported objectively on mistreatment of Copts in Egypt, documenting rights abuses, and advocating for those who have been displaced from their homes due to faith-based persecution.

Coptic Solidarity was the leading advocate for Ramy Kamel since his initial arrest on November 23, 2019. They launched multiple grassroots advocacy campaigns, spearheaded individual and  joint letters to government officials of Egypt, the US, and the United Nations and submitted a reprisals report to the UN on his case. They engaged in constant quiet diplomacy for his release, and published numerous press release, updates, and videos.

After hearing the news about Ramy’s release, Trent Martin, Advocacy and Training Coordinator for 21Wilberforce, said “This is wonderful news! We are grateful to Coptic Solidarity for their leadership in advocating for his release. Since his arrest in 2019, 21Wilberforce actively participated in these initiatives and helped keep his case visible.”