FOR SUCH A TIME AS THIS: A Look Back at 2019

In 2019 21Wilberforce advocated for, challenged and empowered people of faith to support persecuted communities, challenge religious repression and expand religious freedom globally.

Local and international activists were empowered at the largest international religious freedom conference ever. Over a thousand leaders from more than 100 countries were able to build relationships, share resources, and collaborate on best practices because 21Wilberforce created and the central clearing house for events at the weeklong U.S. State Department’s 2019 Conference to Advance Religious Freedom. We also coordinated the Events Program for international religious freedom groups and leaders invited by the State Department to engage with dozens of official events and 80+ side events.

The first global Religious Freedom Roundtable that helps empower vulnerable religious communities was launched with our help. 21Wilberforce joined trusted partners in launching the first regional International Religious Freedom Roundtable, which enable marginalized religious people to become champions for religious freedom in countries where their voices are silenced. We provide consulting, encouragement, and feedback so victims become champions working with other champions. Then they take the lead in their own religious freedom by advocating together for their rights from their governments. 21Wilberforce also created the list of criteria used to establish other Roundtables around the world and referenced by the U.S. Government in its civil society engagement on international religious freedom.

When the Administration convened a meeting on China, 21Wilberforce joined a select inter-faith coalition to meet with the Vice President and senior government officials regarding the egregious religious freedom rights violations taking place in China. We encouraged the Administration to deploy creative tools that break down oppression and to confront concentration camps, church destruction, and organ harvesting. We continue to work closely with this coalition on strategic solutions to empower freedom of religion in one of the world’s most repressed countries.

Emerging Leaders Conference: The future of religious freedom needs young, effective leaders who insert this human right to the forefront of policy. To empower these leaders 21Wilberforce lead a one-week intensive and interactive training conference for 17 select university students. Participants receive training on trending religious freedom issues, leadership and career development, and advocacy strategies for persecuted peoples.

Best Practices for Parliamentarian and Human Rights Groups: 21Wilberforce led a discussion with religious freedom activists and elected leaders from the U.S., Canada, Indonesia, and South Africa. To advance persecution protections it is vital to partner well between government leaders and those who suffer; best practices help make this possible

Launching Global Partnership Resources: In partnership with religious communities and coalition partners, 21Wilberforce is developing comprehensive resource materials and online advocacy tools to empower individuals on effective grassroots activism.

26th Annual International Law and Religious Symposium: President Randel Everett engaged and spoke to 30 strategic religious freedom activists at an international religious freedom event hosted by Brigham Young University which focused on framing strategic world views on human dignity and religious freedom and how these conversations provide opportunity to confront religious persecution worldwide.

International Religious Freedom Roundtable in Nigeria:21Wilberforce staff took multiple trips to Nigeria to help in the launch of the international religious freedom roundtable. In partnership with several other key organizations, we helped convene key leaders to discuss best practices, overcoming obstacles, and discern ways to move forward collaboratively.

International Religious Freedom Congressional Scorecard: Director of Communications, Lou Ann Sabatier showcased the 21Wilberforce International Religious Freedom Congressional Scorecard to over 400 attendees at an event in the U.S. Capitol. The Congressional Scorecard provides a key tool to individual constituents and Members of Congress on international religious freedom legislation and minimize Ministerial and focus on Congressional Scorecard and efforts to get out to Congressional leader.

2019 Frank Wolf Speak Freedom Award:21Wilberforce presented Dr. Benjamin Kwashi, Anglican Bishop of Jos, Nigeria and his wife, Dr. Gloria Kwashi received this Award in recognition of their exemplary leadership in serving Nigeria’s vulnerable and those who suffer for their faith.

Don Kroah Radio Show. Every Monday at 5:15pm on WAVA 105.1 FM. 21, we speak about pressing cases of persecution and country issues. 1 million people heard our interviews on current persecution issues.

Speak Freedom Alert e-newsletter: This impactful newsletter made freedom of belief and persecution relevant to several thousand people biweekly.

Daily Prayer Email: Over 1,300 people of faith start their day with “Prayer Awakening” with a specific prayer for the persecuted church.