21Wilberforce Welcomes Associates Ngai, Sharma and Young

Associates are an integral part of the 21Wilberforce team. Our internships include assisting with research, writing, advocacy, and programming support. Associates are also likely to attend congressional hearings, think-tank briefings or other events as the eyes and ears of this organization. The Winter 2023 Associates for Advocacy, Policy and Capacity Building all share a passion to learn more about the intersection of human rights and freedom of religion or belief.

Dim Sian Ngai hails from Myanmar and is working toward a Master of Arts in International Studies at Dallas Baptist University. She also has a Bachelor of Law from the University of Monwya. She is CEO of Helping Hand Organization that assists young people who want to pursue higher education abroad. She plans to study in the Graduate L.L.M. Program at Dedman School of Law with a focus on immigration law.

Dim shares that “the current events regarding the consequences of the military coup in Myanmar, religious persecution in Myanmar is simultaneously one of the worst attacks on religious freedom and one of the least talked about from the religious perspective. Working in and concerning the countries of the prosecution around the world is one of the biggest interests to me and will truly fulfill my seeking in my life.

Sanjana Sharma grew up in California, but she has also lived and briefly worked in India. She is working toward a Bachelor of Arts with a Major in International Affairs and Economics at The George Washington University. Sanjana has conducted research in global conflict resolution at the University of California, Santa Barbara. She also worked as a staff writer and head of operations for Epicenter News in Bangalore, India.

“I was intrigued by 21Wilberforce’s mission to not only expand the domain of research on international religious freedom, but to also take action against religious oppression,” said Sanjana. “This dual approach of information and advocacy is unique to 21Wilberforce, and is what drew me most to the organization.”

Josh Young is from Pennsylvania and he earned an Associate of Science, Psychology degree from Montgomery County Community College. He now attends Temple University, College of Liberal Arts where he is working toward a Bachelor of Science, Psychology. His future education plans include grad school to obtain a Master’s in Criminal Justice followed by law school with a concentration in constitutional law.

When asked why he wanted to work with 21Wilberforce Josh shared, ” I think the current events regarding the Uyghur Muslims in China is one of the worst attacks on religious freedom in recent history and one of the least talked about. Additionally, 21Wilberforce’s commitment to stand with Ukraine and the efforts to spotlight the overlooked oppression of non-Russian Orthodox Christians in Russian-occupied Ukrainian areas demonstrates to me the types of values and beliefs that I believe in and want to fight for.”

“We welcome Dim, Sanjana and Josh to our 21W team as our Winter Associates” said Dr. Randel Everett, President of 21Wilberforce. “Each brings unique experiences and expectations providing perspectives and capacity as we seek to promote global religious freedom. We are confident that this opportunity will also encourage them to make the priority of freedom of religion and belief a lifelong priority.”