Knox Thames Launches Christians Against All Persecution Network

In a recent article for titled “Remembering the persecuted during Lent”,  Knox Thames, writes that Lent is a time of reflection about the ultimate sacrifice Christ made on the cross. The piece also encourages us to remember and to pray for modern day martyrs who are hurting for their faith.

To support Christians in that effort, Knox has launched Christians Against All Persecution (CAAP), a new network of believers committed to prayer and action in support of anyone facing persecution for their beliefs (or non-beliefs).

“With persecution at all-time highs, our fellow Christians are suffering in many parts of the world. But from my 20 years of international work, I know when Christians face religious persecution, their non-Christian neighbors also suffer,” said Thames. “I’ve encountered this reality firsthand, having met individuals directly affected from all faiths and none.  In response, my fervent desire is for Christians to be known for praying and championing the cause of anyone facing religious persecution – be it the persecuted church or non-Christians. Doing so would be a powerful witness of God’s love for all and demonstrate Christians will care for their neighbors, regardless of cast or creed, because we believe all are made in God’s image.”

In their latest World Watch list, Open Doors International reports that more than 365 million Christians across 50 countries suffer discrimination and persecution for their faith. And according to Pew Research, government restriction on all religions have been rising globally including banning certain faiths, prohibiting conversions, limiting preaching and giving preferential treatment to certain faith groups.

“As a board member, I am thrilled that 21Wilberforce is one of the supporting organizations for this effort” said Knox.

CAAP offers free resources in English and Spanish including a Bible study and prayer guides.  You can join CAAP here.