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Vision & Mission

21Wilberforce is a Christian human rights organization dedicated to defending the universal rights of religion, belief, and conscience for all people. Our vision is to empower people to collaboratively support persecuted communities, challenge repression, and expand freedom of religion and belief globally.

We took our name from 19th century, British parliamentarian William Wilberforce who identified the slave trade as the single greatest violation of human rights. Responding to this seemingly impossible challenge, he led a successful abolition movement using a “top-down, bottom-up” strategy featuring collaborative partnerships, grassroots empowerment, and policy campaigns.

Wilberforce for the 21st Century. 21Wilberforce is employing this powerful model to mobilize grassroots networks through collaborative technologies to aid the persecuted and advance freedom worldwide.

Our History

Reflections on the history of 21Wilberforce from President and Founder Randel Everett:

Throughout the past 25 years I have traveled to more than 40 countries where I learned firsthand about the challenges people of faith were facing because of oppression and persecution. During a recent trip to Turkey, a pastor from Syria asked me a haunting question: “They are burning our churches, killing our men, and raping our women but the church in the West does not care.

21Wilberforce Executive Team

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Meet our Senior Fellows

Hon. Frank R. Wolf

Distinguished Senior Fellow (Emeritus)
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Dr. Jim Denison

Senior Fellow
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Rev. Anthony (Tony) Peck

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André Simão

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