Vision Can Emerge from Suffering

We’ve got some difficult days ahead. But it doesn’t matter with me now. Because I’ve been to the mountain top. We, as a people, will get to thePromised Land.”  Martin Luther King, Jr.

Fifty leaders of congregations from Virginia, Maryland and DC, participated in a “Leading for Justice” conference sponsored by 21Wilberforce, NorthStar Church Network and the Baptist World Alliance, March 10-11.  These individuals represented more than a dozen nations where many continue to suffer under religious persecution. 

The staff from 21Wilberforce led the conference that kicked off with the question: “What injustice keeps you awake at night?” This was followed by five interactive session for transformational leaders about living with passion, leading with excellence and leading for systemic changes. Attendees were inspired and encouraged by the personal interviews with Mongolian Human Rights attorney Nora Manja, Wai Wai Nu, the Founder and Executive Director of Women for Peace Network, and Pastor Mario Barroso, a pastor and religious freedom advocate from Cuba.

Randel Everett, the conference leader reminded the participants, “Leaders like William Wilberforce and Martin Luther King, Jr. led successful efforts to challenge grave injustices of their day.  William Wilberforce said, ‘You can choose to look the other way, but no longer can you say I didn’t know.”

In recent months we have trained faith leaders and advocates through this course around the country. If you are interested in similar training for your organization, church or network, please contact us: [email protected]