The Power of Publishing

Machiko Sato was born and raised in Japan where she is a professor in the School of International Relations at the University of Shizuoka. Among the courses she teaches are Cold War history, US government and U.S. foreign policy. During a recent sabbatical, Machiko came to the U.S. to conduct research and study at Georgetown University. Her focus was U.S. human rights diplomacy from the perspective of non-governmental organization (NGO) advocacy work.

One course Machiko took titled “Debate Over Religious Freedom” was taught by former IRF Ambassador David Saperstein and Professor Mark Chopko. A publication written by 21Wilberforce, the 20th Anniversary of the International Religious Freedom Act: A Retrospective, was used as a sub-textbook. The booklet provides a broad overview and elucidates key events and persons. It also contains useful links that are helpful for readers/users to access more detailed information.

According to Machiko, this publication became her bible to understand IRFA and the U.S. foreign policy making process.

Machiko later became familiar with The IRF Congressional Scorecard which is also published by 21Wilberforce. This resource reports on legislation introduced and passed into law related to international religious freedom and foreign policy.

Upon her return to Japan, Machiko began using both the IRFA 20th Anniversary retrospective and IRF Congressional Scorecard in a university course she teaches. She recently wrote us to say, “My students and I have greatly benefited from 21Wilberforce publications. Both resources provide my students with a broad overview of the dynamics of U.S. foreign policy and international religious freedom. I am grateful for your work. It is a driving force behind international religious freedom advocacy and advocacy training.”

Photo caption: Professor Machiko Sato and Ambassador at Large for International Religious Freedom, Sam Brownback.