One with Them

Due to COVID-19, many of us have had to stay away from church, unable to gather normally as the body of Christ as a dangerous virus threatened the lives of many. This has been strange for us, and yet, it is too often the daily life for fellow Christians around the world. Even after the danger of the pandemic passes, they will still not be able to gather because dangerous governments and mobs threaten their lives simply for coming together to worship God.

 The World Evangelical Association has created materials to help the Church stand together against persecution. We are sharing these materials with you in support of this effort which will take place globally on two Sundays – November 1st and 8th. You can access all these materials on our website as well as read a message from the WEA on this important initiative.

Resources: Bible study, Biblical theology of persecution, Liturgy for the persecuted church, Persecution and the purposes of God, Scripture and Persecution, Children’s worksheet, and Prayer slides

Social Media: Use the hashtag #OneWithThem – Facebook banner photo, Twitter banner photo and Instagram post

Logos and Posters: Multiple logos, including black, white, and full color, Poster to share virtually or print for message boards and bulletin inserts

The persecuted church does not ask for us to pray for them. The persecuted church asks us to pray with them. #Onewiththem