Randel Everett Announces Retirement From 21Wilberforce

Randel Everett recently announced to the 21Wilberforce staff and Board that he will retire as President of 21Wilberforce at the end of this year. Here are his reflections on stepping away from the organization he and his wife, Sheila, founded nine years ago.

Working with 21 Wilberforce in defense of those experiencing religious persecution has been a great honor.  Religious freedom is a passion of mine beginning when I was introduced to this basic Baptist concept as a young boy in churches where my father was the pastor.  Dr. Bill Pinson taught us in his Christian ethics class at Southwestern Seminary that Baptists have been champions of religious freedom for people of all faiths for over 400 years, knowing that faith cannot be coerced but must be a decision of the will. Read more here.

Randel Everett Made Global Impact at 21Wilberforce

Randel Everett—who recently told the board of 21Wilberforce he plans to retire at the end of the year as the organization’s president—recalled the reaction nine years ago when he stepped down as pastor of First Baptist Church in Midland.

The congregation was “pretty shocked” when he resigned as pastor to launch a nonprofit human rights organization focused on international religious freedom, Everett said.

“But within a few weeks, they began to own this,” Everett said, regarding the birth of what originally was known as the 21st Century Wilberforce Initiative and now as 21Wilberforce. “They realized this was an extension of their church. Midland has been at the center of religious freedom movements for a couple of decades.” Read more here.


Pastor Bob Roberts, Jr. 2023 Frank Wolf IRF Award Recipient       REGISTER HERE

21Wilberforce will honor Pastor Bob Roberts, Jr., the 2023 Frank Wolf International Religious Freedom Award recipient, on Thursday, October 5th at a dinner in the Great Hall at Dallas Baptist University, Dallas, Texas. Roberts will share his story as our keynote speaker. Special music provided by Sarah Marantz, Stephen Carrell and Keron Jackson.

For over 30 years, Roberts led Northwood Church near Dallas, Texas, where he is now the Founding Global Pastor. He is also a prolific author of six books and the host of the Bold Love podcast, where he shares stories of his journey and encourages people to boldly love their neighbors.


Bringing Hope and Healing to Manipur: 21Wilberforce Raises Funds for Trauma Counselors

The violent attacks against minority groups in Manipur, a state nestled in the northeastern part of India along the Burmese border, continue to unfold.

Early this year, peaceful protests against the removal of protections for the rights of ethnic minorities in the state escalated into a vicious backlash of violence from mobs composed of members of the majority ethnic group. The violent mobs targeted the ethnic and religious minorities with devastation that has resulted in an estimated 181 lives lost, over 300 people wounded, and an astonishing 54,488 individuals forced to flee their homes, seeking refuge in IDP (Internally Displaced Persons) camps. Many of the minority groups are Christians and over 250 places of worship and church buildings, have been destroyed or severely vandalized. Read more here.


21Wilberforce Partners with Researchers from University of Stirling on United Nations UPR Project

21Wilberforce is partnering with researchers from the University of Stirling to launch a project that is exploring how civil society organizations can effectively advocate for real changes in the religious freedom policies of countries around the world using the United Nations’ Universal Periodic Review (UPR) mechanism.

The Universal Periodic Review is a unique process within the United Nations Human Rights Council, established in 2006, that reviews the human rights records of all 193 UN Member States within repeating four-and-half year periods. The UPR is designed to prompt, support, and expand the promotion and protection of human rights on the ground. It provides an opportunity for all States to declare what actions they have taken to improve the human rights situations in their countries and to receive recommendations for improvements from other states. The states with their records under review can either “support” the recommendation, which means that they have committed to implement it, or merely “note” the recommendation, which means that they have not committed to implementation. Read more here.


Other Links

The good news about injustice is that God is against it. God is in the business of using the unlikely to bring about justice and mercy. In Good News About Injustice, Gary Haugen offers stories of courageous Christians who have stood up for justice in the face of human trafficking, forced prostitution, racial and religious persecution, and torture. Throughout he provides concrete guidance on how ordinary Christians can rise up to seek justice throughout the world. Learn more here.

Churches Burned As Mobs Attack Pakistan’s Christian Community. Mobs in eastern Pakistan burned several churches and torched homes belonging to members of the Christian minority amid accusations of blasphemy. Officials said the August 16 rampage in the town of Jaranwala erupted after two Christians were accused of desecrating the Koran. Read more here.