Keep Faith Alive: A Call to Support Communities of Faith Who Are Persecuted

Randel Everett, founder and president of 21Wilberforce, shared stories of courage and engagement by people of faith who came together and assisted persecuted communities during two luncheons recently in Waco and Temple, Texas.

The Western Church is largely unaware of the plight of our brothers and sisters around the world suffering for their faith. Individuals have been killed, harmed, imprisoned, threatened, and harassed because of their beliefs around the world.  The Bible makes clear, in both Romans and 1 Corinthians, that we are all one body in Christ, no matter where we live. When one part of the body suffers, we all suffer.

Julia Butler, Senior Researcher and Coordinator of 1839 Society at the Texas Baptist Historical Collection and a 21Wilberforce Timothy Fellow served as the Master of Ceremonies for both events. Pastor Pan from the Mayflower Church, his son Paul who was his interpreter and Deana Brown, President of Freedom Seekers International, spoke at the June 15th luncheon. Many new people learned about the miracle of their escape from China.
Other program participants at the events included Randy Dale, Director of Church Engagement for 21Wilberforce, Curtis Brown, a 21Wilberforce Board Member, Ryan Russell, Executive Pastor, First Baptist Church, Temple and Rene Maciel, Missions Pastor, First Woodway Baptist Church.
We are grateful for John and Marilyn Burns and Sheila Everett who assisted 21Wilberforce staff with planning and on site at both luncheons.