Global Religious Freedom Data Spectrum Project showcased at Calvin University symposium

On Thursday, April 7th, 21Wilberforce showcased the Global Religious Freedom Data Spectrum Project in a panel discussion on “Measuring Religious Liberty Domestically and Globally: Challenges and Opportunities” at Calvin University’s Eleventh Biennial Henry Institute Symposium on Religion and Public Life.

21Wilberforce’s Advocacy and Training Coordinator, Trent Martin, presented the Data Spectrum’s interactive and comparative framework for viewing a wide range of country data from 13 organizations’ rankings on the issues of freedom of religion or belief hosted by the Center for Religion, Culture & Democracy. By mapping and displaying the rankings of these diverse organizations in one central place, the Data Spectrum offers users the opportunity to identify a richer, ideologically broader look at each country in the world that can help others understand the opportunities and gaps in Global Religious Freedom data.

Following the presentation, Todd Huizinga, Religious Freedom Institute’s Senior Fellow for Europe, utilized the Data Spectrum to provide analysis of religious freedom trends throughout Western countries and also highlight areas where there are additional opportunities for data research to be conducted. You can view the full Data Spectrum Project on this page on 21Wilberforce’s Global Freedom Center –