The Global Freedom Network (Africa) held a promotion in early September during the Arise Congress organized by the Nigerian Baptist Convention held at the Baptist International Convention Center. This Congress was a first joint Congress of the Nigerian Baptist Convention Youths, Baptist Student Fellowship, Royal Ambassadors, Lydia Auxilliary, Girls’ Auxilliary, Teenagers and Baptist Corpers’ Fellowship. The meeting had over 25,000 youth in attendance. Young people from across Nigeria, including places with high levels of religious violence, gathered at the congress. Registrations included church workers and pastors within the age group from all Conferences across Nigeria.

The NBC President, Rev Dr Israel Akanji, graciously granted this opportunity to speak about GFN during the program.

The Global Freedom Network, represented by Dn Dapo Ipadeola, took the opportunity of this epoch making event to hold a promotion on Religious Freedom and Social Injustice. This brief session focused on the global challenges of religious intolerance, religious violence and other issues of social injustice while emphasizing the basic right to freedom of religious beliefs for all people. The platform was also used to request for youths interested in the ethos of GFN to reach out and join our network of volunteers. Over 127 youth expressed their interest with their contacts received and further information sent to their contacts. More youth have expressed interest in GFN since the conclusion of the Congress.

This promotion has recorded the widest reach so far for the GFN in Nigeria.

21Wilberforce announced the launch of the Global Freedom Network (GFN) pilot project in Africa during the Baptist World Alliance (BWA) meeting in Norway in July. 21W Africa Ambassador and Lead, GFN Project Africa, Dr. Dawari George, is overseeing regional and national teams throughout Africa who coordinate collaborative work as follows: Intelligence and analysis: To provide actionable and customized intelligence, and analysis from Africa to support informed policy/action by governments, external authorities and local faith communities in Africa. Knowledge and training: We will provide knowledge and training to address potential threats, while providing systems and procedures to respond to these threats faced by Baptists and other groups in Africa.

Learn more about Global Freedom Network (Africa) and how you can get involved by reading a presentation prepared by Dr. Dawari George here.