“For Me” documentary about Afghan families who found refuge in Brazil

After the United States military forces left Afghanistan in August 2021, a refugee crisis began as people tried to escape the Taliban. More than 1 million Afghans took refuge in 98 countries, including Brazil.

André Simão  21Wilberforce Senior Fellow and Latin America Ambassador, collaborated with film maker, J.R Bonavita, to chronicle the story of over 400 Afghans who found refuge in Brazil, escaping the Taliban. The documentary, “For Me” (59 minutes, Portuguese and English) tells a little of the history of the rescue and welcoming of Afghan Islamic families by the Brazilian Baptists.

A team of 10 judges have nominated “For Me” in the Best Documentary category for the International Christian Film and Music Festival 2023. Winners will be announced the first week in May at an event held in Orlando, Florida.

This is a story of hope, of cooperation between civil society (churches, human rights and non-governmental agencies) and diplomatic authorities to help people at risk. 21Wilberforce and the Brazilian Baptists Home Missions Board were very involved in guiding this effort.

Andre shared that “In making this documentary, our wish is that it will inspire other humanitarian initiatives in Brazil and abroad. We have immense admiration for the many people who demonstrated so much love to make the relocation and resettlement of the Afghans a reality!”

The Afghan families and individuals highlighted in this film are now rebuilding their future in peace in Brazil. Dr. Randel and Sheila Everett and Curtis and Keith Brown recently traveled to Brazil and they were able to meet with the families and many of the individuals working to help the Afghans.

Watch the documentary here.