Transformational Leadership Training: Creating Meaningful Change and Making a Difference

First Baptist Church in Pensacola, Florida recently served as a host site for a dynamic two-day Transformational Leadership Conference presented by Dr. Randel Everett, founder, and President of 21Wilberforce. Local leaders from ministries, non-profit organizations, and business gathered to engage on how to lead courageously in these challenging times.

The interactive training uses biblical, historical, contemporary and personal examples of leaders who have brought about positive change within cultures of oppression that transcend their own time and place. Transformational leadership involves three primary components: Living with Passion, Leading with Excellence, and Leaving a Legacy.

Participants received a copy of  Dr. Everett’s recent book, Speak Freedom: Developing Emergent Leaders in the Struggle for Justice, published by BaptistWay Press.

The world cries out for courageous transformational leaders who will stand against evil and promote justice for all. If you are interested in learning more about this training or hosting a training conference please contact Elisabeth Foster at