How You Can Help those Persecuted for Their Faith or Beliefs

As reported by the US Dept. of State, the United States Commission on International Religious Freedom, the International Religious Freedom Roundtable and countless non-profits, the news is often bad and discouraging about the discrimination, marginalization and persecution around the world the individuals experience for living out their faith and beliefs. At 21Wilberforce, we continually highlight why we should stand by our brothers and sisters around the globe as they seek to understand the transcendent. By protecting them, we defend human community that is both free and virtuous. So practically speaking, how can we individually and collectively respond?

  1. Learn where the church is being persecuted, what they are facing and how you can help.
  2. Pray for the persecuted church.
  3. Friendship. Write letters of encouragement to members of the persecuted church.
  4. Donate financial resources to members of the persecuted church directly or through trusted organizations that serve and advocate for them.
  5. Advocate by raising awareness of the reality of Christian persecution and sharing with government, human rights, and religious freedom organizations. Share their stories with your friends and fellow believers. Write letters to your local newspaper and religious publications and websites. Organize an event at your local church or community of faith. Adopt a religious prisoner of conscience.

These are just a few nonprofits that serve those persecuted for the faith or beliefs worldwide and that can serve as a conduit for you to get involved:

21Wilberforce: Working together to challenge oppression and stand with the persecuted. (Advocate, Donate, Learn)

OpenDoors: Advocating for the persecuted church. (Write, Pray, Donate, Advocate, Learn)

Voice of the Martyrs: Raises awareness and provides support for the persecuted church. (Write, Pray, Donate, Advocate, Learn)

Barnabas Aid: Barnabas Aid focuses on raising awareness about the persecuted church and providing basic needs to the members of the persecuted church. (Pray, Donate, Advocate)

Christian Solidarity Worldwide: Pray and advocate about the persecution of Christians to the USA and other governments.(Pray, Advocate, Donate)

ChinaAid: Providing support to the persecuted church in China. (Write, Advocate, Donate, Learn)

Articleeighteen: Our vision is to see the human rights and religious freedom of every citizen honored in Iran. We believe that defending human rights is the responsibility of us all, and especially of Christians, who want to play a positive, transforming role in society. (Learn)