21Wilberforce Launches Change not Chains Year-end Campaign

21Wilberforce is launching our “Change Not Chains year-end campaign today with a goal of raising $250,000 total ($75,000 of that online) before December 31. We hope you will make a tax-deductible gift to make a life-changing difference. Imagine being unjustly imprisoned, put under house arrest, or sent to a detention camp just for your peaceful expression of religious, or other beliefs. That’s what is happening to tens of thousands of prisoners of conscience around the world. Our emerging leaders around the world are working to defend prisoners’ rights, and you can help enable their important work.

Change is never easy. Champions are needed to stand alongside and advocate for Prisoners of Conscience. As a new generation demonstrates its willingness to take on tough global religious freedom issues, developing emerging leaders to confront oppression and defend religious Prisoners of Conscience and their communities has never been more important. History shows that repressive governments ultimately fail to silence Prisoners of Conscience and instead only magnify their voices. We ask you to join us in adding our voices to theirs by donating to help us train even more emerging leaders.

Most recently, for three days (November 5-7, 2021) we convened our inaugural 21Wilberforce Global FoRB Action Summit for emerging leaders. Participants from ten countries spread over four continents joined together as a global and multi-faith group to learn from and interact directly with world-class advocacy trainers. Their work, and the connections the participants have built, provide a foundation for a network of emerging leaders that will put these and additional campaigns into action to make a real difference for communities facing religious persecution around the world.  

21Wilberforce looks forward to continuing to work with these and hundreds more emerging leaders and to provide new opportunities for this global network to put their innovative advocacy campaigns into action. You can be a force for good by donating to our year-end Change Not Chains campaign.