Get Informed, Get Trained, and Get Engaged

The online Freedom Center provides tailored tools to mobilize and train individuals, groups, and networks to defend persecuted communities and religious prisoners. These tools help aid embattled believers and advance religious freedom worldwide. They can be tapped to create advocacy campaigns for prisoner release or crowd-funding for legal assistance, to deploy social media campaigns, to benefit from “Know Your Rights” and/or leadership training materials, and more.

Our online platform promotes three objectives: LEARN (awareness and understanding), PREPARE (practical instruction) and ACT (tools for engagement and action).

What Information do You Need?

Click on a link below to access curated resources

  • Religious Freedom Fundamentals: These resources will help anyone interested in international religious freedom learn about why it is vital to society and what they can do to protect freedom of religion and belief for people around the world. Click to access stories from around the world, ways you can get involved, and links to access roundtables and events.  Access resources
  • Faith Communities: These resources will help faith leaders become aware of the current barriers to international religious freedom and address those topics in their communities. Click to access stories, information on regional ambassadors who work tirelessly to promote IRF, and service resources for leaders to share with their communities.  Access resources

  • Academic Researchers: These resources will help students learn about international religious freedom and opportunities and organizations that will help them make a difference. Click to access news and information about IRF, internship opportunities, academic research, and much more.  Access resources
  • Activists & Advocates: These resources will help activists further understand and advocate for international religious freedom in their local, state, national, and international communities. Click to access information about current religious freedom issues around the world, advocacy tools, past strategies, and ways that you can create your own campaign to promote IRF.  Access resources
  • Young Leaders: These resources will help young leaders and learn about international religious freedom and discover opportunities and organizations that will help them make a difference. Click to access news and information about IRF, internship opportunities, academic research, and much more.  Access resources

  • Legal Defenders: These resources will equip human rights advocacy lawyers with legal research resources and network connections to protect the fundamental rights of all.  Click to access online research tools, IRF updates, information on current issues, and legal networks. Access resources
  • Policy Makers: These resources will help policymakers formulate policies and proposals to further international religious freedom. Click to access analyses, IRF updates, information on current issues, and how you can get involved with IRF through legislation and advocacy. Access resources