We invite you to become a Global Freedom Partner.

21Wilberforce offers resources for churches, institutions and networks to help you equip and empower your community to stand with the persecuted around the globe.

Partnerships stand on
Four Pillars

  • AWARENESS of contemporary persecution against individuals, families and people groups suffering for their faith.
  • INTERCESSION by churches and institutions who are committed to faithfully praying for the oppressed.
  • ADVOCACY for those facing genocide, imprisonment, loss of opportunities and repressive laws.
  • RELATIONSHIPS between churches, universities, denominations and individuals from the West with those from at-risk communities.

You can make a difference

Partner Events

turn passion into Action

  • Teach, preach and write on contemporary religious persecution issues
  • Identify and equip several members of your church or organization to engage your community on religious freedom
  • Join worldwide prayer for the persecuted
  • Incorporate religious freedom as an integral component of your missions strategy
  • Engage with a broad network of fellow church and network leaders and advocates
  • Support and share your existing initiatives supporting persecuted communities

Become a Global Freedom Partner!

Partner with 21Wilberforce and other Global Freedom Partners in protecting the vulnerable and defending the rights of those facing religious persecution. 

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