Post-Summit Cohort Training Course


Following the Global Freedom of Religion or Belief (FoRB) Action Summit, the Emerging Leaders Network will offer a self-paced three-module online course with optional cohort facilitation and mentoring.

For each module, participants will study specific topics with supporting documents and videos at their own schedule and pace. Selected course participants will be able to join training cohorts that will meet at the end of each module for an engaging discussion on an assigned topic facilitated by practitioners/ specialists on these topics.

Campaign teams may request specialist mentors and coaches to work with them.


Module 1— The Frameworks of FoRB will survey the global human rights framework, the accompanying institutions that support FoRB and provide accountability, and the ways these rights are protected or undermined in national constitutions and legal/political systems.

Module 2 — Challenging Oppressors and Defending Religious POCs will explore models of regime oppression, the issue of religious prisoners of conscience in modern times, approaches and methods of challenging oppressors, and examine lessons learned in successful and unsuccessful campaign case studies.

Module 3 — Strategically Communicating Campaign Messages will provide participants with practical knowledge and training on how to strategically communicate campaign messages in order to successfully influence the actions of policymakers and other key decision makers.  These campaign tools will be used by participants during the Summit to craft their team advocacy/action campaigns.