Join 21Wilberforce in a Global PRAYER Movement
November 7, 2021 


What is the International Day of Prayer?

The International Day of Prayer for the Persecuted Church (often abbreviated as IDOP) is an observance within the Christian calendar in which congregations pray for Christians who are persecuted for their faith. It falls on the first Sunday of November (November 7 in 2021).

The persecution of Christians is worse today than at any time in history. With an estimated 340 million Christians worldwide who experience high levels of persecution for their faith, Christians today are the most persecuted religious group in the world.

Join us on November 7, 2021 for the International Day of Prayer for the Persecuted Church.

Free Digital Resource Kit

Download this Digital Resource Kit to use in-person or online with your family, group or church. Included items:

  1. Leader’s Checklist
  2. 2021 IDOP video
  3. Bulletin Insert
  4. Country in Focus: India, Algeria and Cuba
  5. Sermon Themes and Scripture
  6. Children’s Resources
  7. Creative Ideas
  8. Additional Resources
Click this link to download the 2021 Resource Kit.

How to use this kit

1. Open up the file called “Resource Kit.pdf”. This will give you an overview of the resources. Some resources are ONLY found inside this document, so be sure to read it through! Other files, such as the video, are available for download as separate files.

2. Download the video. This powerful video can be shown during your church service or small group meeting.  It is always advisable to download the video before sharing it at your service. Playing directly from the webpage can cause delays/pauses in the video.

3. Need help? Contact us! If a file won’t open, or if you are experiencing problems printing, let us know and we can help. It’s a good idea to prepare for IDOP in advance. We will not be able to help you out the night before!

For further information or questions, please contact IDOP:

Phone: (905) 636-0944